Best tips for Estate Sale shopping

Have you ever wanted to go to an Estate sale, but you weren’t really sure what to expect? We go to a lot of Estate sales to shop for our business. Here are some tips and ideas to help you out.

kraftykash estate sale shopping


Craigslist is a great place to find estate sales. Search the word estate and see what you come up with. Look over the photos provided by the seller & see if there is anything that you would love to buy.

Always show up early. Sometimes you may have to stand in line or get a number.

There are 2 different types of Estate sales:

Professional- This is ran by a local company that specializes in these types of sales. Items are nicely organized & sometimes can be priced higher.

Family- This is usually ran by family members who are moving a loved one or clearing out the estate. I prefer these sales. You sometimes have to dig to find the good stuff. Prices are very fair.

If there is a Professional company running the sale, look up their website to see if they have a policy & procedures or an about us section. This will usually detail, what time they open, possible discounts, and any other info that you might need. Sometimes you can sign up for their email lists to be notified of up and coming sales.

Find something that you like that you can’t carry? Leave it with a friend & find an employee/volunteer from the sale to mark your item SOLD for you. If necessary, start a pile with all the things that you want to buy. Make sure to let the employees know its your pile. Some sales will have a “hold section” near the check out. I learned this lesson the hard way, when I saw someone else walking around with an item that I had put in a pile.

Look high & look low. You never know where to find the hidden treasures. We have the best of luck in the garage & basement. Don’t see a price tag? Just ask.

Don’t be afraid to wheel & deal by offering a lower price. Group a few items together and ask for 10% off.

Bring your own bags to safely carry home your treasures. Bring cash to pay for your purchase.

We hope that you find this information helpful when you shop at your next Estate sale.

Thrift Store Score

Yesterday, I decided to go out in the sweltering Nebraska heat (102 degrees), to go shopping at a local thrift store.

I found some awesome treasures. It was worth going out in public and sweating profusely for these.

Have you been to a thrift store lately?

What did you find? I would love to hear about it.

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Saturday Afternoon

We had some free time Saturday afternoon.

My husband, Kiley decided to take me shopping.

We found the coolest shop ever.

My eyes were constantly looking everywhere.

My brain was on overload.

My hands got really dirty.

I can’t wait to go back here again.