DIY: Crystal Light & Washi Tape Container

We love to drink Crystal Light, especially in the summer time. They come in these handy, cute, containers and I find myself having a really hard time throwing them away. I have been stashing them in my “I might do something with this someday” bin.

crystal light containers

Enter Washi Tape. Please tell me I am not the only addict out there. Anyone else LOVE washi tape? I am beginning to think we need to start a support group  club.

washi tape stash

So I picked out my favorite colors/ prints and came up with a fun pattern. There is not a right or wrong way on choosing the pattern. Just do what you love.

BTW the yellow chevron is my favorite. I could add this to everything in my office space.

chosen tape

Remove the crystal light label from the outside of the container.

Then cut and washi tape your container. How fun and easy is that?


I am using mine to hold pens, pencils, scissors, & a magnifying glass.


Hope you liked this DIY project and it inspires you to make something fun today.

Monogrammed Picture Frame Project

It is not very often that I win something.

I just do not have “winning luck”

So I was thrilled to find out that I won a set of restored frames from Sissy’s Salvation.

These were fast, fun, and easy to create.

Do you have microsoft word on your computer?

That was my go to for this project.

Print out the letters that you want.

Trace them to fit in your frames.

And you are done.

How easy was that?

Happy Monday!


Finished my Shey B Camera Strap Kit

I have been missing my sewing machine.

I haven’t had time to use it since we moved into our new place.

So I dusted off my sewing machine and unpacked my camera strap kit from SheyB & got busy sewing.

I have to say that Shey is a GENIUS for turning this into a kit.
Everything is cut out and ready for you to sew.
The directions are very in depth and easy to follow.

It is so worth the $10.

This is my finished camera strap.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

You can go here and get yours. I am so glad that I did!

My Eighteen25 Subway Art Project

I recently discovered this awesome blog through Pinterest.

I fell in LOVE with this subway art poster.

Here is the best part, they offer it as a FREE printable. How generous is that?

So I sent it over to Walgreens to have it printed when they were having one of their awesome coupons.

Then I searched the local thrift store and found the perfect frame.

I added a few sheets of scrapbook paper behind the poster for more layers of color.

And ta da! I have a cool picture to hang on the wall in the dining room.

I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks again to the ladies at Eighteen25.

DIY: EASY Tin Can Makeover

These cans are so simple and easy to make. The end product turns out to be alot of fun!

I used these baked beans cans.

Start by tearing off the wrappers, scuff the outside of the can with sandpaper, then wash and hand dry them.

Now they are ready for a coat of spray paint. I think the bring, fun, colors are the best! I used 3 coats of paint. Make sure and leave time for each coat to dry before applying the next.


After you are satisfied with the amount of spray paint, apply one coat of glaze. I used one coat of a clear matte glaze.

Let them dry overnight and them proudly display your work.

I am going to use these to hold random things on my craft table. My plan is to keep saving these cans and add a variety of fun colors.

A girl can never have enough random spots to put her stuff, right?

Making a Petal Pillow

Thanks to Pinterest, I found this project.

I think these will look fabulous in our new house. I bought enough fabric and felt to make 4.

I absolutely LOVE this fabric.

So now I am off to cut out circles and watch a movie with our daughter, Korby.

I can’t wait to see how these tun out.

I will keep you posted.

Enjoy your day!

Summer Project: Cedar Chest

We are slowing getting moved in to our new house. It is an exciting time for all of us. Once we get completely settled in, I will have to show you around.


In the mean time, I have a project that I thought I would share.

This is my cedar chest. My Grandma gave it to me when I was 15 or 16. I am the oldest grandchild on my Dad’s side of the family. So she decided to give it to me.

This has been hauled around, sat on, displayed, and has had alot of good memories stored in it.

When my Grandma gave it to me she told me someday it would need refinished.

That time has come.

This is going to be my summer project.

Let me, let you in on a few minor details:

*I don’t usually have summer projects.

*I have NEVER redone a piece of furniture.

I promise to keep you updated.

Wish me lots of luck!

Teacher Gift Idea

There are some amazing teachers at my daughter, Korby’s school. We knew we wanted to do something nice for them.

How on earth do you find the perfect gift for someone who has embraced your child for who she is, taught her to be strong, given her above & beyond the “required” education, & so much more?

These jars are simple, meaningful, practical, and reusable.  Awesome!

I used ball canning jars, chalkboard labels that I found on Etsy, and flowers.


We have been blessed to have so many awesome teachers be a part of Korby’s education.

Are you making any teacher gifts this year?

Baby Shower Paper Punch Garland

We are throwing a baby shower for my sister on Friday. I bought a few decorations and I am also making a few.

A friend posted this paper punch garland idea and I knew that I wanted to make some for the party.


I didn’t have a heart punch, so I used my circle punch instead.

I like all the fun colors!

This is going to look great at the baby shower.

I will be posting a few more baby shower ideas soon.

You won’t want to miss them.

We are going to have so much fun!


Thanks for reading!