Party People

Want to know how to wear out a group of 12 year olds?

Throw a birthday party.

Include good food, ice cream sundae bar, water balloons, basketball,

And when you realize you forgot to bring out the camera during all of this fun……

you will find them like this:

Elmers Craft & Tell Party

I went to an Elmers Craft and Tell Party last week.

I have to say it the most fun I have had in along time.

I love hanging around other creative people.

They inspire me!

I will tell you that we could make whatever we wanted to.

I decided to make this poster to sit by my desk.

These are 3 of my favorite words. My friend Christy blogged all about her party here.

2 important things about this blog entry:

*She is hosting a sweet giveaway

*Don’t ask for my autograph when you see the shorts I wore to the party.



Happy Tuesday!