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Serious Business

At the end of the day….

I absolutely love to just sit & watch TV.

Mad Men is my current favorite.

While I am watching TV, I have to have some sort of busy work.

I LOVE making dangle beads to add on to my necklaces.

There is something about sitting there, doing the same thing over & over that is very calming to me.

Lucky for me, my customers like the dangle beads too. LOL

I really think I would keep on making them, if they didn’t sell.

Its really just that much fun.

Instead of being the crazy cat lady, I would be the crazy bead making lady.

By the way…..

I am not a fan of having my picture taken.

Last night I said to my husband that I loved sitting there watching TV & making beads.

Then I said I should blog about it sometime.

5 minutes later, I turn around and he is taking pictures of me.

He had his camera in silent mode, so I could not hear him.

I love that guy.

Happy Friday!