Teacher Gift Idea

There are some amazing teachers at my daughter, Korby’s school. We knew we wanted to do something nice for them.

How on earth do you find the perfect gift for someone who has embraced your child for who she is, taught her to be strong, given her above & beyond the “required” education, & so much more?

These jars are simple, meaningful, practical, and reusable.  Awesome!

I used ball canning jars, chalkboard labels that I found on Etsy, and flowers.


We have been blessed to have so many awesome teachers be a part of Korby’s education.

Are you making any teacher gifts this year?

My first Official Sewing Project

I have bought different fabric and looked all over for an EXTREMELY easy project. One of the girls in the office at Korby’s school gave me this fun idea. I call them corn bags, my husband Kiley HATES that name.

Most of these ended up being 5×11. You sew them up and fill with whole corn. If you want more info on making them let me know. Anyway…they are wonderful! You can put them in the microwave for 2-3 mins and use as a hot pack. You can also put them in the freezer and use as a cold pack. These are perfect for cramps, headaches, muscle soreness, etc. So far we have been giving them out as gifts. Korby’s student teacher, soccer coach, our neighbors, my mom. They all think they are great!

I made so many…now what do I do with them?????