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Things That Keep Me From Going INSANE

Its summer time. The kids are home.

I know there is not a lot of time for you.

But I have come to the realization that if I  do not do things that I enjoy, I start to feel like a crazy woman.

Here are some things I that I turn to when I am feeling insane.


Get Your Craft On. 

What do you like to make?

Is there a project that you have really been dying to try out?

Jump online, find a fun, easy, creative project and just do it.

Go to the pool.

This was by far my best yet garage sale find so far this summer.

Take the kids and go to the local pool or the beach, or set up a sprinkler in the front yard.

Trust me, water in the summer is awesome.

Read a book.

Yes, I am reading The Hunger Games book 2.

I am aware its for young adults, but its really good.

I picked up some other books at the goodwill & plan to finish at least one of them this summer. :)


I love knitting.

The easier the project the better. I am the queen of scarves, Owls, dish clothes.

No sweaters, blankets, or anything “in the round” for this girl.

Find something calming to keep your hands busy & your mind at ease.


Go shopping!

I am a HUGE fan of retail therapy.

Go discover the local thrift stores, vintage shops, or check out the clearance at Target.

What do you like to do when you feel like you are going insane?

Please leave a comment and tell me all about it.

I would love to hear your ideas.

Happy Wednesday!

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