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52 Lists

I am a list maker.

In fact, I have about 6 different lists on my desk right now. They hold me accountable, reminding me of what to do next.

Recently this friend, did a blog post about 52 lists. I knew right away that this was for me.

I found a random notebook, printed out the words 52 lists & stuck it inside the front cover.

And the list making began…… 




The nice thing about this project is that it is fun, easy, & makes you feel good. There is no rush to finish & I feel like you can add to the lists as you go.

I plan to link up every week.

Care to join me?

Thrift Store Score

  My friend Liz over at Blue Eyed Owl does  a thrift store post every Thursday. Now I have an excuse to go thrifting every week. 😉 I absolutely LOVE going to the local thrift stores.  I love searching around to find the good deals. Yesterday I scored these cheese boxes at a local antiqueContinue Reading