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We have an issue here, it is with dictionaries. I am not talking about a few or even a couple dozen – no it is much larger problem than that. The problem is, it is a bit obsessive around here. Not that it is a bad thing at all – we love dictionaries. But we have a lot of them. I counted today and the total was 130 dictionaries.


Some date back to 1896, some have old dried flowers between the pages,  and 2 of them have 2600+ pages. They are all very cool because like a lot things that are old, they have an untold story. They have clues to maybe who owned them or where they came from and I just think that is the coolest.





I think stacked up high the pile would top out over 20 feet tall. My guess is they would weight over 500 pounds. Keep in mind this is just dictionaries that does not count the nearly 40 Atlas’s we have, or 35 Bibles. All taking up a shelving system that is over 7 feet long and nearly 5 feet high.

All of this started from one dictionary from a Great Grandma that was found in a box of books that we stashed under the stairs for years. I believe she would be proud to see how we put these books to good use. We love each necklace we make & are thankful to make each one.

Wishing you the best of weekends – I think we might head out and shop for a few more dictionaries.










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