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Today I am bringing you a guest post from another shop owner. I am lucky to call her a friend. She is one of the sweetest people I know. I met her this year at Creative Estates. 


Being a stay at home mom and having a home based business is tough work. How do you maintain a balance without neglecting your family or your business? My name is Stephanie and I have a blog and shop called Sand & Starfish, and I’m here to say that balance is tough!

Working from home while having a child at home seems like a dream to so many women. We can play together! We can create things together! We can go to the park or the library or the beach together! I can make things for my shop with all this new extra time on my hands! But don’t forget that with that extra time you also need to wash, fold, and put away the piles of laundry, do the dishes, clean the house, and take care of 2 dogs that constantly want to go in and out and in and out… (no dogs?! lucky you!) add all those things together and you could find yourself with little or no free time and and overwhelming sense of always being behind. Unless you have balance!

It’s a tough thing to try and find this thing called balance. How much time to you dedicate to your shop while not neglecting your super awesome child who wants you to blow bubbles and draw with chalk while also not neglecting your laundry or your plans to start dinner before your husband gets home so you can all eat as a family. It’s tough, but doable!

At first, all my daughter and I did was play. My shop was neglected during the day and I only worked on it at night when my husband came home from work. I figured that it was his time to watch our child since I did it all day. That was so wrong. More often than not, I still ended up watching her and playing with her and there sat my very sad shop.
Then it was all shop, a child who was told to stay away, and a house that only got cleaned at night when my husband came home. I do not ever recommend this. The anxiety of having to get everything clean at night brought so much stress and tension to the house and telling my child that I couldn’t draw or paint or blow bubbles left me in tears.
Then I tried getting a planner and writing things I need to accomplish in that. Didn’t work. I’m not a planner person. I wish I was, but I’m not.
Then I tried doing laundry on Mondays, cleaning the kitchen on Tuesdays, the bathrooms on Wednesdays, etc. but found that if I didn’t stick to my days, I felt behind and anxiety started to creep in.
And then I tried lists and for the most part, it’s worked really well! I say most part because sometimes there’s a sporadic sprinkler play date in the backyard that trumps all lists!

Priorities go on the top of the list while things that I still need to get done but could possibly get done the next day go towards the bottom.
I’ve learned that I can wash dirty clothes/linens while still being able to blow bubbles outside.
I’ve learned that Pinterest, while pretty and entertaining, is such a life sucker so when I do go on there, I go on for maybe 5 minutes at a time max, and I don’t go to browse. I go if I need inspiration about something or need help with dinner plans.
I’ve learned that by splitting up some of the dinner duties, it can get done quicker than me doing it all myself.
I’ve learned that sitting on the back patio while sipping a chai latte and watching my child draw fish with chalk beneath my feet is not just relaxing, but it also refreshes my brain and often times let’s me think about new things to add to the shop.
I’ve learned that the weekends are made for really good quality family time. Going to the store and picking out flowers together, going to the beach and drawing in the sand together, cuddling on the bed watching spiderman together… Those things help keep us as a family happy and it’s those times that my daughter will cherish and remember when she grows up.

I’ve learned that I can’t do it all all the time. Sometimes my laundry piles up. Sometimes the house looks a little disorganized. And sometimes I have an order or two that still need to get worked on. I can only do so much in one day and I know from the ways I’ve done things in the past that if I try to do it all, I get burnt out, unhappy, stressed, and and it makes for one very grumpy me and those days are behind me for a reason!

So if you feel like your life as a stay at home mom and/or work at home mom are never going to get balanced, fear not! There is hope! You just have to be willing to switch things around a little bit here and there and you’ll be surprised with how things start to fall into place. And you never know, you just might have some new free time on your hands!

If you want to talk a little more about balance or flowers or food ;) let’s connect! You can find me on my blog, twitter, and facebook! You can also check out my cute shop Sand & Starfish. Thanks Kashoan for having me and letting me talk a little bit about how I find balance in this crazy thing that we call life!


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